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C.H.D. finds 42 more people that Homeland security missed:
National security continues to be suspect
A member of the party of ignorance. We never got the name of this citizen concerned about abuses of migrants by “mythical vigilantes”. This citizen is connected to a group calling themselves the party of tolerance - also known as Democrats.
This citizen should be ashamed for his lack of a factual perspective as he demands that an independant investigation be conducted on the actions of citizen border watch groups.
Little did he know that investigations have been conducted at every level of law enforcement - government officials have found nothing unlawful with watchdog group’s activities.
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CHD continued with another four patrols over the weekend. Volunteers netted 43 new assists in helping Border Patrol provide for National Security.
Much of the weekend was a wash out with yet more rain storms (not a bad thing).
Friday morning before dawn, a volunteer led B.P. to a group of 39 people who had entered the country illegally. The group of 19 men and 20 women were discovered walking down a remote residential gravel road in the Hereford area. The Border Patrol agents who arrived to secure the group had absolutely nothing to say to citizen volunteers other than, “thanks”.
Friday night and again on Saturday C.H.D. was accompanied by a reporting crew from the Saint Louis Post Dispatch Newspaper.
Friday night we witnessed 14 vehicles dropping off free loaders along border road in the Palominas area. Many groups were spotted but none wandered into the area patrolled by C.H.D. volunteers. We wonder if by chance they had somehow learned of our presence in the area?
Both nights it was encouraging to see such a rapid response from Border Patrol in the same area we were watching. It seemed that every time we arrived in the area all of a sudden there would be B.P. agents all over the same area -good job guys...that’s all we wanted is for you to do the job of sitting on the high traffic areas we have helped you locate.
In the past week C.H.D. has  been contacted by 12 new volunteers who wanted to work with Ranch Rescue, but who now feel they will be willing to work with C.H.D volunteers.
C.H.D. also tested new equipment this week. Thanks to a generous donor we now have access to a thermal imaging device as well as third generation night vision equipment. All I can say is, we need more of this kind of technology.
Stay tuned for important news about a summer protest in next week’s Tumbleweed.
Thursday, April 15, 2004
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