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   The FBI has warned the Mexican consulate, the Mexican press and law enforcement agencies in the United States to be on alert for a suspected al-Qaeda terror cell leader suspected to be attempting to enter the country from Mexico along the southern border. The alert was first issued to the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juarez just across the border from El Paso. A $5,000 to $5 million-dollar reward is offered to anyone who can provide information leading to the capture of Saudi native Adnan G. El Shukrijumah who is wanted in connection with terrorist threats against the United States. El Shukrijumah is trained in flight skills, knowledge of explosives and terrorism operations and was reportedly sighted in Honduras earlier this year. Terrorists sneaking across the border along smuggling routes and disguised as illegal immigrants from Mexico have become a major concern for the Department of Homeland Security in only the past few months, almost three years since the attacks of September 11, 2001.
   DHS and FBI officials are alerting Border Patrol agents, El Paso’s bridge inspectors, and the
community at large to be on the lookout for El Shukrijumah, 29, a native of Saudi Arabia who may be using a Guyanese, Canadian or Trinidadian passport.
Officials said Shukrijumah might be using immigrant-smuggling routes through Central America and Mexico to get to the border. El Shukrijumah is believed to be 29 years old, has black hair and black eyes and weighs about 132 pounds - though he may be heavier now. He has an average build and occasionally wears a beard.  He has a “pronounced” nose, is asthmatic and speaks English.
  Shukrijumah is considered armed and dangerous.
Tuesday morning Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer notified Protect Arizona NOW (PAN) founder and chairman, Kathy McKee, that with all 15 counties reporting the results of their validation of signatures, the Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act resoundingly qualifies for the November 2, 2004 ballot with 152,177 validated signatures.
This total is almost 30,000 more signatures than the statutorily required 122,612 signatures.
“We are elated,” said McKee, “and ready for the next three months. Our initiative represents the determination Arizonans have to demand government officials do their jobs and enforce our laws. This honest, law-abiding course will benefit Arizona’s citizens and legal immigrants alike.”
The Act will require local and state employees to verify the eligibility of welfare applicants, overriding present intradepartmental regulations that prevent state employees from cooperating with ICE [formerly INS] which were   “contrary to the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution.” States McKee: “Despite the misinformation and disinformation being distributed by our opponents, it’s already the law that state employees and their supervisors can be charged with a misdemeanor for not reporting welfare fraud. (ARS 46-140-c).” The Act will also enforce Title 7 Section 12 of the Arizona Constitution’s requirement that there be “registration and other laws to secure the purity of elections and guard against abuses of the elective franchise.”
The PAN initiative has received the designation Proposition 200 for the November 2, 2004, election. McKee concludes, “We realize this is going to be a monumental fight these next 3 months, both inside Arizona and nationwide. Our National Advisory Board, chaired by Dr. Virginia Abernethy, and PAN are ready. Our battle cry now is Protect Arizona NOW with Prop 200.”
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.
URGENT! Congress has 60 days to revoke Agreement!
With the Social Security Totalization Agreement recently endorsed by President Bush, ANY Mexican national who can “prove” he worked in the US for 5 years will be entitled to draw Social Security benefits. (Recall that illegal aliens can “prove” anything with forged documents, that Social Security is notorious for poor record-keeping, in part because of the “identity theft” these illegals practice by using others’ Social Security numbers). The Congress has limited time [and the clock’s been ticking] to rescind this Agreement.
Commissioner Barnhart, of the U.S. Social Security Administration and Dr. Santiago Levy Algazi, Director General of the Mexican Social Security Institute, signed a U.S.-Mexican Social Security agreement at a ceremony held in Guadalajara, Mexico, on June 29, 2004.
This pending agreement between the United States and our southern neighbor, Mexico will dramatically reverse the current prohibition of providing Social Security benefits to illegal immigrant workers from Mexico. Indeed, there is even correspondence proving that it was on a fast track to be established, which included plans for erecting a huge new building at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City just to deal with the swarms of people anticipated to sign-up for this raid on our Social Security Trust Fund.
An alien may receive payments outside the United States, including benefits based on unauthorized work in the United States, if he or she is a citizen of a country with which the United States has a totalization agreement.
A totalization agreement with Mexico is different than with the other 20 countries for several reasons. First of all, none of those countries have public policies that encourage illegal immigration to the United States.
Second, because other countries have sent relatively few workers to the United States over the years and very few illegal workers, illegal immigration from these countries is essentially a nonissue. That is, there are insignificant numbers of illegal aliens residing in the United States from such countries as Switzerland, South Korea, Australia, Germany, or Spain, which have had totalization agreements with the United States for many years.
We urge you to write, e-mail, phone call and fax your Representative ,  urging him or her to cosponsor H. Res. 720 , the resolution that rescinds this agreement that literally gives away our Social Security Trust Fund to Mexico. This is no exaggeration. Conservative estimates state it will drain as much as $50 billion out of the fund.
There is only a 60-day window when Congress can revoke this agreement, so we have to act now.
The few days we have to repeal this agreement are the same few days preceding the November election, when every Congressman is campaigning hard for reelection and the Congress is seldom in session. The good news is you can catch your congressperson while they are back in your district to tell them, in person, you disapprove of this agreement and to ask them to co-sponsor H. Res.720.
To stop this agreement, it is absolutely essential that we generate maximum grassroots opposition to this agreement, since “the powers” in both parties support it.
BUT, WE CAN STOP THIS AGREEMENT if each and every one of us does just three things:
1) Write, call, and fax your Representative and Senators and urge them to oppose the Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement and co-sponser H. Res. 720).   And,
2)Encourage your Representatives and Senators to support a moratorium on all immigration in excess of 100,000 per year. Pushing a moratorium makes it clear where you stand, and creates leverage to defeat the Social Security Totalization Agreement. And,
3) MOST IMPORTANT, MOBILIZE grassroots support for the defeat of the agreement. We can defeat this agreement only if we increase grassroots support.
Give gift memberships in Carrying Capacity Network to each and every person who might be encouraged by this gift to oppose this agreement.
Go to to give gift memberships online.
Write, e-mail, phone call and fax to your senators and congressmen to kill this agreement. The US Congressional Switchboard Toll-free Number is (877) 762-8762
Adopted May, 2004, by the Hispanic Citizens for Secure Borders
1.  RESPECT FOR LAW: As a nation the United States has always welcomed immigrants, but we need an orderly process of immigration and assimilation. Each year over 1.2 million people come to America legally and over four million people are on waiting lists to enter legally. We do not need another million people each year who break the law by sneaking across our borders under the cloak of darkness.
2.  NATIONAL SECURITY: It is well known that thousands of non-Mexicans come across our northern and southern borders and that many of them come from countries with terrorist cells. No responsible citizen or public official can wink at this situation and pretend that open borders are acceptable in these dangerous times.  
Illegal workers are often exploited by employers. Such employment results in lost wages and lost jobs for millions of Americans. Young people at the bottom rung of the employment ladder are the ones most harmed by this unfair competition with illegal workers. It is simply not true that illegal workers take only jobs no one else wants.
4. SECURE BORDERS FIRST: No matter how well intended, no Guest Worker program is feasible unless we first have secure borders and real enforcement of employment laws. Our experience with the 1986 amnesty taught us that there can be no consideration of “regularization” for individuals who have entered our country illegally until our borders are truly secure and employment laws fully enforced.
The 100,000-plus felons known to be among the nation’s illegal aliens must be removed from our communities and deported. Local law enforcement should cooperate with Immigration authorities to apprehend and deport these criminals.
6.  POLITICS:  Hispanic-American citizens cast their votes based on the same issues all Americans care about—the war on terror, jobs, taxes, education, and the character of the candidate. It is condescending and foolish to promise amnesty for illegal aliens to get Hispanic votes.
7. SOLUTIONS, NOT SILENCE: It is poisonous to our democracy to attempt to silence citizens by name-calling. A healthy debate begins by acknowledging certain facts about our open borders. Regardless of what country the illegal aliens come from, real solutions will come only when the actual costs, burdens and consequences of open borders are recognized.

Signed by the Charter Members of

Linda Balderrama, Los Angeles, CA,
Brad Cordova, St. Louis Park, MN  ,
Priscilla Espinosa, Nuevo, CA Jim Lopez, Bakersfield, CA ,
Juan Herrera, Denver, CO,
Lilly Nunez, Littleton, CO,
Armetta Trujillo, Denver, CO Moses Vialpando, Jr., Brighton, CO
Alex Burrola, Montebello, CA,
Gloria Deverick, Mineral Wells, TX,
Corine Flores, Santa Fe, NM ,
Chris Lucas, Boulder, CO  ,
Lupe Moreno, Santa Ana, CA  Olga Robles, Douglas, AZ ,
Richard Valdemar, Crestline, CA,
Angelina Morfin, Salinas, CA,
Briefing on Effort to Compel L.A. County to Send Bills for ILLEGAL Immigrant Health Care
WASHINGTON (August 2004) — An unprecedented lawsuit that could force the U.S. government to enforce immigration law was the subject of a briefing sponsored by the Center for Immigration Studies on Wednesday, August 18. Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement (FILE) has initiated a court action against Los Angeles County, which is providing health care to foreign nationals at the expense of American taxpayers. The lawsuit seeks to compel the county to seek reimbursement from the immigrants’ sponsors for the services rendered, as required by Federal law.
“There is widespread disregard for enforcement of our immigration laws, and this suit has the potential to have serious repercussions both legally and politically,” said Craig Nelsen, Director of FILE.
Formed two years ago, FILE is a non-profit association of hundreds of attorneys, researchers, law enforcement officers, legislators, and others. It has focused attention on the U.S. government’s failures to enforce immigration laws by filing briefs, drafting legislation, and initiating litigation.
On Wednesday, August 18, at 9 a.m., the Center for Immigration Studies hosted an hour-long briefing at which Mr. Nelsen  discussed the Los Angeles lawsuit, as well as FILE’s involvement in the case of Yaser Esam Hamdi, an enemy combatant captured in Afghanistan who claimed U.S. citizenship. The case was decided by the Supreme Court in June.
The briefing was free and open to the public.  For more information, contact John Keeley at (202) 466-8185 or
Another example of how we need to be more sensitive to cultural differences, or is it just plain  double standards? The Mexican consulate is going to hear how this American citizen feels about the insensitive double standard I feel this is. We have emailed this story to all embassies, consulars and consulates.
We have the Mexican consulate complaining our militarization of the border is causing “hardships” to people who want to break in to our country illegally. The consulate is constantly whining about the treatment of their criminals; they say our Border Patrol and citizen patrol groups are not sensitive to their cultural needs. And our government -  President Bush and Governor Napolitano play “pass the buck” as they cower in fear of being insensitive.
The message from the taxpayers should be: all is fair in this war of invasion. We say fair is fair: let’s hold the bodies of all the criminal invaders who died because of stupidity until the families or the governments of their country of origin reimburse us for expenses like coroner, hazmat crews that clean up the bodies, law enforcement and, of course, transportation. No pay - no body. The longer they take to claim the body, the more the charge will be because they take up valuable space, and besides, it costs money to refrigerate the corpses.
Sound offensive? Call Dr. Laura; I’m sure she could help ease your pain. You might need a translator - I’m not sure she speaks anything other than the national language -English.

  A Salem, Oregon family’s struggle to bring their son’s body back from Mexico has ended.
Austin Hakes’ remains arrived at Portland International Airport last Saturday and were brought to Salem.
“We are finally to the point where we can be at ease as much as can be expected,” Hakes’ stepfather, Mark Walen, said Sunday.
Hakes, 14, died a week ago Thursday in a personal-watercraft accident while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico, with his father and stepmother.
The Mexican government would not let the family take the boy’s body home until they paid $10,000 in fees and medical bills. His parents might have paid more than that.
Hakes lived most of the time with his mother, Michelle Walen, and stepfather in Salem. His father, Scott Hakes, and stepmother, Julie, live in Portland.
Scott Hakes was not ready to talk about the ordeal or his son’s death Sunday.
“Scott said he wants to tell the whole nation,” Mark Walen said, “but he needs to take some time.”
The family already has fielded calls from USA Today about their battle with the Mexican government to bring home their son.
Returning a body to the United States can be a lengthy, costly process, and the burden ultimately rests on the family’s shoulders, the U.S. Consulate General says.
The language barrier was the family’s biggest problem, Mark Walen said.
(Our consulate should demand that law enforcement and government officials learn English to better serve “our people”.)
The family faced another hurdle after Austin Hakes’ body left Mexico.
Customs at San Francisco International Airport would not send the body to Portland until Customs there had someone to receive the body, which would not have been until Tuesday.
Sandy Wright, the mother of Austin’s girlfriend, made several phone calls.
The office of U.S. Rep. Darlene Hooley, D-West Linn, learned of the problem Saturday and worked with the Port of Portland to have an official there to   receive Hakes’ body.
“We just needed to get Austin home,” Wright said.
A funeral was held Tuesday.
“He was a good kid,” Mark Walen said. “He had a heart for everyone.”
Hakes attended Judson Middle School last year and was set to start Sprague High School in the fall.
Thursday,July 15, 2004
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