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First let me offer big kudos to Border Patrol for their efforts and cooperation – now that’s more like it! These guys are setting records for apprehensions of people and drugs in the first quarter of their fiscal year, which began October 1, 2003. Since that date agents have made 20,000 or more apprehensions in the Tucson sector. They are at least temporarily shutting down the drug trails in the Huachuca Mountains – since October agents have seized over 20,000 pounds of pot. Damn good! Now that’s what we have been
talking about. If they keep up this kind of effort, the border in Cochise County will become secure. Look out New Mexico they will soon have nowhere else to go except your border.
In my Chris’ Corner column (page 2) I was musing about the subject of tolerance and working together to create change. The column has positive examples of people working towards understanding. I wanted to keep things on a positive note but I could not resist telling you about at least one incident of stupidity. So I have saved my negative comments for this column.
The virtues of tolerance and understanding can go far in creating harmony or solving uncomfortable problems. Then, there are times when we must tolerate those who spew hate and do little to understand the rule of law (and don’t seem to understand tolerance for an unacceptable border situation that we now have in Arizona.  
Civil Homeland Defense has proven to be a group of citizens who have displayed humane compassion to those who attempt to breach our borders.  In this New Year we plan to distribute immigration forms to the illegals we encounter.  We want to help them learn how to legally immigrate to the United States. See, all along we have extolled the virtues of legal immigration; we encourage our government to control legal immigration in a responsible way. Humane groups continue to accuse us of being anti-immigrant – no we are anti-illegal immigrant.
Human Action Network and Humane Borders — to be specific — are groups that are spreading hate.  I read the information on their websites on a regular basis – I’m still waiting for a big news story where these groups actually have gone into the workplace to protect migrant rights against unscrupulous employers!  I have yet to read a story where
they are organizing to help illegal immigrants become properly documented. I have yet to read a story about these so-called self-described humane groups helping legal immigrants to learn the fine art of speaking English, or to how immunize their children. I continue to encourage these groups to find a way for us all to pool our resources and create a coalition of concerned citizens, a Watch Group, who when united, can put tremendous pressure on government to solve this problem. In the meantime, I encourage B.A.N. to add Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster along side the mythical vigilantes they continue to search for.

In the meantime Civil Homeland Defense has recently earned a much-deserved respectful working relationship with Border Patrol Agents. In the past week CHD volunteers completed six patrols in seven days and assisted Border Patrol agents in locating 45 people who had entered the country illegally.

Monday morning of last week we set up on ridges, overlooking a well used trail. We observed a Border Patrol agent leaving his post at the end of the night shift.  Then we observed groups making a dash for the river, after crossing the border and into a series of trails that lead them to pick up spots. Volunteers spotted the groups and called the Naco station. The dispatcher sent a helicopter, and after a short search located the group of seven hiding in a stand of trees. Not only did the agents find the group we spotted, but also they found another group of five in the same area – we didn’t even have to talk to them.   I know this news must just be a major burn to Jennifer, Robin and Isabel, but guess what, you hate mongers in the crowd have to learn, we never do anything wrong: no trespassing, no intimidation, no taking the law into our own hands!  We simply answered the call of our President to be vigilant and report suspicious illegal activity to the proper authorities.

Friday morning we returned to the same area, again, and observed the exact same sequence of events: as soon as agents left the area the illegals came across the border.  And again we spotted them — it’s not brain surgery – we called the Naco B.P. station, and a helicopter was on scene in less than ten minutes. This time the pilot was a bit off target and we called Naco again to give more specific directions. After a thirty-minute search they located the group almost a half mile away. Agents then arrived and took control.  After the agents rounded up the group they came to our area to discuss the mission with us. They complained a bit about being given directions that were not accurate because the dispatcher relayed information that became mixed up in transmission. The agent suggested we ask the dispatcher to connect us directly with the helicopter in the future. This is our civic duty.

Saturday, December 6, 2004. Volunteers were on patrol again – same location, same situation. As soon as agents left the area for shift change there came the lawbreakers. This time, when we called to Naco, we suggested that the dispatcher connect us with the pilot and he did!  God  Bless America! We gave directions to the pilot, turning him in real time to the group, directing him directly over them — success again. The agents drove to the spot and apprehended the group of thirteen, telling us on the way out that they appreciated our work. — Success!

Sunday no groups moved through the area all day. We returned Monday morning and again we found no groups. Only this time we found agents on the ground and they were concerned about something – something that caused them to carry rifles, — yet they said they were sorry and had to leave for shift change. We told them we would be here until the next shift came in. They told us to be alert and call if we spot anything. We began our hike to our observation points and before we could get into position encountered a group of nine illegals. This group was certainly not drug dealers; three children in a group that seemed to consist of an independent family from Southern Mexico, who were on there way to Los Angeles, traveling through the remote areas of Palominas. We called Border Patrol and they had agents in the area; no helicopter this time. We found them on a trail, resting in a dry wash a few hundred yards up.  I approached them, video camera in hand, and they did not seem too concerned – just a family.
Upon greeting them I asked if they needed water or first-aid and told them La Migra was only a few minutes away. They sat peacefully and we shared small talk. B.P. agents arrived a few minutes later, thanked us for the help and took control of the group. It’s now Wednesday and we have had no evidence that any groups have come through the area since Monday. Seems as though they may have received the message. We know however they have not gone away - they have just moved to another trail in the area. We are scouting new routes. We’ll let you know when we find them.
Thanks to Border Patrol for their cooperation and respect. We have worked long and hard to gain it, and we want to keep it that way.
Thursday, December 11, 2003
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