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Dear American citizen,
In response to your e-mail:
“I like to frequent the dessert <sic> and explore.  I am American of Hispanic ancestry.  So I’m sure I would be confronted by your CHD volunteers if I were seen.  Well, just to let you know I myself carry a I hope your ‘Patriots’ and I never meet.

If you are responding to recent news reports, or you are someone who has been following our
activities all along, you still seem to give the impression that you are mistaken about what our group of volunteers actually do.

We are a citizen neighborhood watch group. In 13 months we have “assisted” Border Patrol in locating 2,226 people who we know crossed the border illegally; never have we harassed any U.S. citizens. In fact all 2,226 have been thoroughly interviewed by the proper authorities as to how we treated them.  There are no complaints as of today and we have no intention of ever behaving in a way that creates the need for a complaint. Tough and tenacious, yet civilized and humane - that’s the American way.

You said, “I like to frequent the dessert <sic> and explore.”

We invite you to come down and meet us and experience a patrol up-close and personal. We have been accompanied by hundreds of reporters and law enforcement officials. As a reporter, I know that is the only honest way to tell a story or to formulate a personal opinion. We have had U.S. and Arizona State representatives out with us. They found no problems. We have had County Sheriffs watch us. They could find nothing illegal about our patrols. We have had the F.B.I. on patrol with us. They told us we were well within the law.
Ninety-one people this past year were obviously grateful for the water we provided them when we found them lost without water; abandoned by ruthless smugglers. This group of 91 included 23

You stated, “I am American of Hispanic ancestry.”

I am a citizen of the United States of French, Belgium, Scottish and American Indian (Sioux) ancestry; it’s a pleasure to meet you my fellow American. Also, in my family we have African bi-racial people, we have Latin/Hispanic bi-ethnic people; we celebrate diversity in ways most “conservatives” fear, and that most liberals can’t understand because they think it’s all about food, clothing or music preference; but we know the celebration of diversity goes much deeper than consumerism.

You assumed, “So I’m sure I would be confronted by your CHD volunteers if I were seen.” 

If you were seen walking alone in the areas we patrol we would most likely call you in to Border Patrol and ignore you. The thing that makes us suspicious is a group of people walking through the bushes in the pitch dark of night with no flashlights, on well known, heavily trafficked trails that are used by people to illegally break into the country. If we did run into you we would say hello and strike up a conversation, just as we have done with the many ranchers, game hunters and bird watchers who frequent the area. They have never seemed to be fearful of our mostly senior age
volunteers sitting in lawn chairs on hilltops watching the border through binoculars.

You finished with what my buddies at the F.B.I. tell me is dangerously close to a threat of bodily harm.  “Well, just to let you know I myself carry a I hope your ‘Patriots’ and I never meet.”

Now previously in this response I invited you to go on a patrol with us. When you make such threatening statements it makes me feel not so sure about your state of mind, especially in relation to the privilege and responsibility of carrying a weapon. You see, we carefully screen our potential volunteers, for just that reason. We are a group of responsible gun owners who take the responsibility quite seriously. All volunteers have completed an Arizona (or other state’s) concealed weapons permit training class; most have also completed advanced training with former law enforcement personnel and with former military personnel. We have never, at any time, in any situation, had to pull a gun. It has never been our intention to harm anyone - that’s the American way. Remember this has nothing to do with immigrants; this is about illegal activity - “rule of law” - enter legally, and you are welcome with open arms. If you are a criminal you are not welcome. If you are peddling drugs you are not welcome. If I suspect you of breaking the law it is my civic obligation to report you to the proper authorities.

Call me to arrange a “ride along” on a patrol – although, Mike, I’m afraid we will have to ask you to leave your gun in a safe place, especially if you don’t have a concealed carry permit; we have to be careful who we allow on the border watch patrols; we don’t need any unstable types messing things up.

The ball is in your court Mike,
Chris Simcox
 P.S. I have included a photo of the family we found breaking in illegally on Monday morning. As you can see they don’t look too harassed or afraid; we encouraged them to return, legally.
Action on the border has been minimal compared to just two weeks ago. We are attempting to contact O.J. Simpson so we can invite him to the border to help us stem the flow of illegal activity - we’ll let him know that he may just find the “real killer” coming across the border illegally. At the same time, we have taken to heart our advice to B.A.N. and Humane Borders; we have now added Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, Jimmy Hoffa and D.B. Cooper to our “Be Aware” list of legendary “badguys” right along side of “vigilantes”.
The big news from last week is the large group, 57, of O.T.M.s (other than Mexicam) apprehended in Stump Canyon last Friday. A CHD volunteer was allowed to photograph the group and was told by Border Patrol agents that this was definitely a strange group of intruders. Only seven in the group were from Mexico. You can see from the photographs that the group consisted of people from around the world including confirmed natiobnals from Croatia, Egypt and Brazil.
Again, this proves without a doubt that we have a serious national security issue right in our own backyards. This was the kind of group that Secretary of Homeland Defense Tom Ridge needed to see on his visit to the area.
(Of course it would have been difficult for him to see their identification cards from his helicopter flying at 1,500 feet.)  

The following is a response to an e-mail sent to the Tumbleweed website. I sent this reply to the person who wrote the e-mail - we have yet to recieve a response.
We hope you enjoy our attempt to fight ignorance and rumor by inviting those who spew untruths and outright lies by inviting the nay sayers to join us on a patrol - most of them find some excuse as to why they can’t do that.
 We again reinforce to you, the educated, to challenge the enemy by first reminding those who play the race card that this is about “rule of Law” and responsible immigration. We support legal immigration.
We are on a mission to educate U.S. citizens about the damage created by illegal-immigration, crime and drugs that flow across our border by the hour.
CALL US AT: 520-457-3008
Thursday, December 18, 2003
Border 006.wmf
Border 006.wmf
Photo by Sadie Forwards
Photo by Sadie Forwards
Photo by Sadie Forwards