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CHD has continued operations in the new year and we have documented a marked increase in the number of people crossing the border illegally and people from country's other than Mexico continue to be a serious concern when it comes to national security.
This week however, I am compelled to share the thoughts of other concerned citizens of the United States. I receive hundreds of letters and emails every week and as I have stated before, I wish I could afford to print them all.
The following letter is significant because it is one of many letters of support I have received from Americans of Hispanic heritage who are outraged by President Bush and the federal government’s lack of responsibility and the fact that they promote  rewarding illegal activity. Enjoy.
Hello Mr. Simcox:
Attached is copy of a letter I mailed to the Arizona Republic. I thought it might interest you. I would also like to subscribe to your paper.
Respectfully Yours,
Enoc C. Aguilera
An open letter
November 29, 2003
An open letter to the following: The Arizona Republic c/o Sue Clark-Johnson, Chairman, CEO and Publisher and, John Zidich, Executive Vice President; The Arizona Republic Editorial and its editorial staff; “The Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act,” Protect Arizona Now staff; and, Respectable Dignitaries:
The renewal of my tri-monthly subscription to the Arizona Republic becomes due on December 19, 2003. After much thought, I have made the decision to cancel my subscription due to the Az. Republic’s defiant anti-American pro-illegal immigration stance. The Republic’s Editorial staff deserves credit for my act and now made decision to donate my tri-monthly subscription fee of “fifty three dollars and thirty cents (first $ 53.30 donation that I am mailing with this letter) to the “Protect Arizona Now” fund. I pray that the 70 % of Arizona voters that support the “proposed initiative” will follow in step and also cancel their subscriptions and advertising. Its time to act now if we intend to win come next November. Reasons deserving merit for my decision are the following:
1) I will not continue to help pay wages to anti-American racist whose only concern is the overthrow of our beloved Country.
2) Your actions demean the Honor of the United States of American and that of our neighbor Mexico – I speak of the true Mexicans living in Mexico and those residing in the United States.
3)Your propaganda has helped devaluate the Mexican peso to the deficit of 12,000.00 pesos to one dollar by this year’s end.
4) Through your continued support of illegality Mexico’s population will cease to exist as the proud people they once were.
5) You, yourselves have created the hate in this country between Latinos against Hispanics and Hispanics against Hispanics: giving and placing the blame of racism on the white population that has fed you all these years. Even a dog doesn’t bite the hand that feeds it. (See Richard Ruelas’ column of 11/26/03: “Protect Arizona Now needs immigrants’ support.”)
6) The Arizona Republic deserves all the credit for passage of illegal taxation (property tax) to give medical assistance to all illegal immigrants at the Phoenix Memorial Hospital – as boasts TV’s Channel 33. Wake up – Arizona’s 70 % of voters! In the last election only 18% of voters turned out to vote.
7) The Republic’s continued propaganda has infused fear among politicians where they unknowingly (perhaps) have turned against their own country: such as McCain, Kolbe, Flake, and others, with their proposed preposterous amendments that will do nothing more than influence illegality in this country. If we are to reward law breakers, why not pardon our very own children incarcerated for lesser crimes: such as smoking pot with use of drugs illegals’ bring in to enslave our very own.
8) These deceived crooked legislatures have through acts of treason made mockery of our laws and our judicial system in their lustful stride to gain illegal immigrants’ illegal votes.
9) Through the Republic’s pandering, hundreds of thousands of voters now vote by mail. This fraudulent process must be stopped through legislative measure to curtail all illegal votes. Some voters even vote twice: once through the mail and twice at the polls. Lying to deceive is a fraudulent criminal act.
1) An infraction of law absent of penalty for the criminal act is void! Therefore a penalty must accompany all infractions as a punitive legislative measure. Persons that cast illegal votes must be found guilty of such act and thus incarcerated for one year together with one extra year for every time he or she has voted illegally – with confiscation of gained illegal assets.
2) Cheap labor of illegals together with exportation of American jobs will continue to destroy not only our economy, but also our monetary system. It will bankrupt social security and Medicare. It is due time to boycott the import of exported job products – particularly, those of Ford Motor Company.
3) The advocated demand for “driver licenses” is in need by the invaders to not only be used as visas for legal entry, but also used to change on license applications the names of countless illegal immigrants with new Anglo surnames” Jewish, Irish, German ect. Fraudulent identification such as some of the Republic’s illegal employees now poses.
4) Stop illegal amendments from becoming law. Legislators must YANK deceitful proposed amendments before they become law or face veto by the elected Governor. (See Carol Sowers’ column of 12/01/03: “Hate your name? It’s an easy fix in Az.”)
5) If the Illegal immigrants are so self subsistent, what would be the consequence if American Taxpayers – in totality – would refuse to pay their imposed taxation? After all, it would be a simple illegal infraction – would it not? After all, it would be a simple illegal infraction – would it not? Categorically!
6) COMMON SENSE, SIMPLICITY, AND DIGNITY are, within the reach of all! America. Love it – or leave it! Countless Mexican and American catholic priests recently marched before the U.S. Congress, demanding amnesty for the more than ten million illegal immigrants in this country. Did anyone object? Was the separation of church and state mandated or imposed by anyone?
7) This is as sane as lazy people using Medicare to furnish them with electric scooters to roam around in: therewith, costing the system countless millions of taxpayer wasted dollars.
8) President Fox of Mexico must be ordered to call his illegal invaders back to Mexico or face serious sanctions if his government does not comply. The treaty of Hidalgo does not give Mexico jurisdiction over the United States of America. Nor does it give jurisdiction over our judicial system, as the Mexican counsels’ criminal act of having created the illegal “Fox’s Matriculate Consular” now enforced by some institutions.
9) And now they are demanding “driver licenses” to legalize their illegal voting and their illegal entry through anonymous identification that will make it almost impossible to trace their immoral activity. If the immigrant activists’ true intent is to help Mexico and its constituents, they should be promoting the annexation of Mexico to the United States. Then, and only then will Mexico – as a state of this country – prosper.
10) Mexico’s near bankrupt state is due to its outstanding dept. They fail to make payment even for the interest rate they are obligated to pay – least of all make payment on the principle. The other solution to make Mexico a prosperous nation is to repay their debt to the United States through a territorial annexation of Lower California: from Nogales straight to the Gulf of Mexico, with legal amnesty granted to the citizens of Lower California.
11) Total deportation is the only present solution with Military Police assigned to secure the border. Only then, if needed, can a worker immigration bill be legislated by congress. All that is needed to accomplish such a feat is a President, a Congress, and State Governors “con huevos.:” Come next election all those politicians that have opposed to the well being of our country should be not only voted out of office but kicked out as well for having allowed such vile aggression to be inflicted upon the American People: fraudulent deceitful acts of human bondage, conspired by the brood of the beast (Rev. 13:1-18). Such rebellious acts shall bring catastrophic repercussion by God, against America.
Respectfully Yours,
Enoc Aguilera
Thursday, January 15, 2004
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