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Palominas, AZ Highway 90 at Palominas Road next to the Trading Post Cafe.

Last night President Bush again confirmed  he is not in touch with a majority of Americans on the issue of security at our borders; the floodgates have opened. Border Patrol agents are under seige and are embattled on two fronts - the line of Bushit from Washington and invasion from the world on “the line”. Quite simply, they need our help.
Volunteers of Civil Homeland Defense assisted Border Patrol with 85 apprehensions this weekend past. That brings our total to 2,390. We know how to do this job and Border Patrol needs our help. What can you do? From baking cookies and serving lemonade - to sitting on hilltops with binoculors - to tracking groups through the brush until Border Patrol arrives - the job needs to be done - we can find a way for you to help. Help our Border Patrol agents - find a way that you can contribute to the cause.
Our President needs all our military resources overseas - Congressman Kolbe and Senator McCain have a “Can’t Do” attitude.  This should be a clear message to the residents of Cochise County - It’s up to us to help Border Patrol protect our country. It’s up to  Americans; we must roll up our sleeves and assist our nation in a time of need - that’s the American way! If you live on the northern border or on the southern border, it’s time to organize citizen assitance groups and help our GUYS AND GALS IN GREEN.
“In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate — look to his character....” —Noah Webster
A couple of things caught my attention this week. The first is the attitude of a severely demoralized Border Patrol. The President negated their jobs and the proof is in some  of the agents’ attitudes. Border Patrol Agents are some of the hardest working well - intentioned young Americans that I have seen in this country in  a long while. Now I understand their frustration with the bureaucratic morass they are trapped in.
   Many of these have voiced the obvious – why are we even out here?” said one  agent I interviewed over the weekend.  “Man this is a mess now,” he said. “All week they've been coming over in huge groups, like 40 to 60 people – we can’t even catch half of them and I wonder why I should even try – but I can’t let that get in the way of my job.  My duty comes first – we keep trying our best,” he stated in a video interview after he responded to our call Saturday on Charleston Road outside Sierra Vista, mile marker 3, to be exact.
Just look for the trash in the trees. Smugglers use that spot 24/7 as a pick-up spot. The drivers of the smuggling vehicles are usually woman Border Patrol troops need our support. If we don’t do something quick these Americans may just not do their jobs as well – why try so hard? The President and every other elected representative refuse to listen to their constituents who have sent a strong message that nothing less than closing the border with military reserve or National Guardsmen will be accepted before we start documenting those that are here.
Mr. Kolbe received the message loud and clear from Cochise County – accept the fact you must bend to the will of your constituents before you bend to the will of people who have shown no respect for our laws. Where do we go from here?
I have stressed this all along: it is up to us to pitch in and help with the task of securing the border in Cochise County. My suggestion now is to seriously consider how you can support your local Border Patrol. That’s it – there’s the dedication to our country we should all have. Along with supporting our local sheriff – we now have a duty to support Border Patrol with our on-  the-  ground assistance. Civil Homeland Defense has led the way in showing you how citizens can bolster border security – all within the law – everything humane and compassionate. 2, 390 people who would have got away scott free, were apprehended by Border Patrol after being located by citizen volunteers.

How about the following story:
Mexico has stopped all imports of U.S. beef and says it won’t import any until the U.S. installs better methods to prevent the spread of mad cow disease.
Mexico’s agriculture minister says the United States has not done enough to meet his nation’s concerns about the mad cow crisis.  Representatives from the U.S., Mexico and Canada have met. Agriculture officials say they are working to reopen the borders and work on new rules that will prevent the spread of mad cow disease. So far, they haven’t come to any kind of agreement.
“The Mexican border will be open to U.S. beef as soon as the United States implements the measures they have offered to do and they satisfy the Mexican officials responsible for the health and sanitary conditions of the Mexican herd and satisfy the Mexican consumer,” said Javier Usabiago, Mexico’s agricultural minister.
 Sooo...the Mexican government will seal their border to stop cows from coming in but they have done little to stop people using Mexico as a spring board into the United States - people from the following list of counties have been found entering our country illegally by volunteers of CHD.  Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Russia, Croatia, Poland, Korea, China, Jamaica, Africa, Haiti, Sweden, India, Pakistan,  and Bolivia.

Here’s another story that caught my attention.
 National leaders of six conservative organizations yesterday broke with the Republican majorities in the House and Senate, accusing them of spending like “drunken sailors,” and had some strong words for President Bush as well.  
 “The Republican Congress is spending at twice the rate as under Bill Clinton, and President Bush has yet to issue a single veto,” Paul M. Weyrich, national chairman of Coalitions for America, said at a news briefing with the other five leaders. “I complained about profligate spending during the Clinton years but never thought I’d have to do so with a Republican in the White House and Republicans controlling the Congress.”
   Remember Congressman Kolbe told us he is running for re-election because he is the chair of the Foreign Finance Committee. They’re the ones who decide how much money we spend outside the United States. You know like the 6 billion we will spend to defend the borders of other countries and the 18 billion we are giving away to fight AIDS around the world.
By Dennis Durband
January 18, 2004
Colorado Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo is a thorn in Karl Rove’s side, to say the least. Tancredo favors border controls; the President, his top advisors and many people in Congress do not. Rove, the President’s senior advisor, is attempting to find someone to run against Cong. Tancredo in this year’s election. So far, he has no takers. After all, Tancredo won re-election in 2002 with a 70-percent majority, and no mentally-balanced person would want to challenge such a formidable foe. It would be a waste of time and money.
Many Arizona conservatives are urging State Rep. Russell Pearce to run against Cong. Jeff Flake in District 6 this year. Pearce is a senior advisor to the popular Protect Arizona Now (PAN) initiative. If placed on the 2004 ballot, and if voters support it as expected, PAN would actually require proof of citizenship for things of some importance, such as voting. The White House, state and national GOP leadership favor the President’s Temporary Worker Program and the Flake-McCain-Kolbe guest worker bill, which amount to nothing more than amnesty for millions of foreign invaders.
Now the stage is set: two diametrically opposed sides with sharply contrasting views on the border invasion. Tancredo and Pearce advocate control of the borders and a stoppage of the drain on American taxpayers caused by the border invasion. The corporate appeasers want to dissolve the borders and undermine Americans by offering their jobs to foreigners who will work for lower wages.
The worst thing in Rove’s world would be to lose Flake and have Pearce replace him through the election process. Rove wants to subtract Tancredo and isn’t going to succeed in that aim. He sure doesn’t want Pearce — another Tancredo — going to Washington, D.C., a year from now. Two Tancredos are two too many, in the view of the Bush Administration. However, most Republicans would love to see Tancredo and Pearce representing them in Congress.
How motivated are those who oppose Tancredo and Pearce? Let’s put things into proper perspective and look at some very recent history.
Some influential and well-connected people have recently suggested that Barnes may be a set-up, a plant to dilute a potential Pearce candidacy by splitting votes between Flake’s would-be challengers. Barnes is a moderate who’s totally with President Bush.
On Dec. 31, Rep. Pearce was getting ready to appear as a guest on Salt Lake City Radio Station K-Talk’s “Born on the 4th of July” program, hosted by Barbara Jean. It appeared that this would be just another of the many state/regional/national media appearances Pearce would make on the border controversy. As it turned out, this was no ordinary day.
Arizona people listening on the Internet reported that the Salt Lake City station’s power went down and the show’s producers were having trouble with outgoing broadcasting and incoming calls. Just bad luck? Tampering? Sunspots? Possibly any of the above, but we’re just getting warmed up. There’s more.
Fast forward to last week when Pearce was getting ready to guest-host two hours of Ernie Hancock’s show on KFNX Radio in Phoenix. Guess what? The station reported losing power and similar problems as the Utah station had experienced. Pearce claims a car accident damaged a nearby power source.
Rusty Childress, co-chairman of PAN, was a guest on KJZZ Radio in Mesa last week ... and guess what happened? The call-in lines went dead.
On Saturday night, Kathy McKee, the other co-chair of PAN, tried to call KFNX Radio to be the guest on the “Mad as Hell” program. “To make a long story short, I couldn’t get in. . . because the phone lines went down at 10:45 p.m.,” McKee said. “They had to call me and patch me in, but then callers couldn’t call in.” Hmmm ... mighty, mighty interesting.
Also, last week GOPUSA/Arizona posted two separate polls on the Congressional District 6 race. The first poll appeared on the Internet for three days and queried readers as to their choice between Barnes and the incumbent Flake. This was a poll that didn’t get much traction or generate much excitement. Barnes received 22 of the 40 total votes cast, with Flake garnering 13 and five persons selecting the third option: “other.”
In mid-week, the poll changed to add Pearce to the mix. Oh how the stakes had been raised! Almost as quickly as the poll went up, some unknown person(s) with great technical expertise — possibly some of it legal — developed a very keen interest in the poll. It became readily apparent that the insertion of Pearce’s name had tripped the sensor of someone very interested in one Arizona congressional seat.
Within 12 hours, 188 votes showed up on the poll screen. Flake and Barnes were neck and neck; Pearce did not show up on the radar. A short time later, the vote tally reached 240 and Flake began to pull away from Barnes. Pearce barely registered a heartbeat with a 3-percent showing.
Then a remarkable thing happened for the first time in the 20-month history of GOPUSA/Arizona polls: The numbers actually went down — from 240 total votes to 75. And Pearce’s numbers dropped to zero.
Then the vote tally started racing wildly upward. In the next few hours, the vote total pushed toward 2,000. Flake was winning big and Pearce was staying at zero percent, even though his supporters informed me they were starting to vote for him — and starting to wonder why their tallies were not showing up. In one 10-minute period, 100 new votes went up on the board.
The next morning, the vote total continued to balloon, reaching nearly 4,800. It had been less than 36 hours since the poll was posted on the Internet. Flake had a lead of 2-1 over Barnes, and Pearce registered a faint glimmer with one percent of the vote.
As emails started coming in from bewildered people watching the poll, I contacted Bobby Eberle, CEO of GOPUSA, and informed him about the dubious nature of the poll. Whoever was tampering with this poll had all the guile of a Pamplona bull on its way to Barcelona.
A short time later, Eberle confirmed that someone had indeed hacked into the system. He advised me to take down the poll and get the hacker out of our system. I obliged him by posting a new poll. Over the next several hours, only a trickle of new votes came in on the new poll. Someone no longer had any interest in GOPUSA/Arizona polls.
Looking again at the bogus poll results, I discovered one more strange occurrence. The poll totals now sat at 4,514 votes, a decline of nearly 300 votes in the last few minutes. Flake had 2,880 “votes,” Barnes had 1,560, Pearce 66 and the “other” option had four votes. Whoever tampered with Flake’s vote total obviously took Barnes’ total up in an effort to make it look like a second contestant was registering believable vote totals. Nice try, but it didn’t work. Nice, illegal try.
The 4,514 votes represented a higher number than the total number of votes cast in all the GOPUSA/Arizona poll votes for the entire year of 2003.
As a result of the poll tampering, along with the fact that Pearce’s 66 votes are more than Barnes and Flake registered in the first poll, I am disqualifying the proven fraudulent totals of Flake and Barnes and declaring Pearce the winner of the poll. The decision of the judge is final.
Now the big questions: Who has an interest in the re-election of Cong. Flake? Who has an interest in undermining Rep! . Pearce? Is the hacker just some kid down the street who likes to play games with other people’s websites? Was it a political organization or a political operative acting on someone’s orders? Who would care enough about this particular poll to risk a visit from the FBI for hacking?
The answers, as of this moment, are unknown, but the questions are legitimate.
One footnote: Just as Cong. Tancredo concluded his address to the Arizona Republican Assembly in Scottsdale Saturday morning, the power went out in the auditorium. Russell Pearce had introduced Tancredo that morning. Two Tancredos is two too many for some people.
January 19, 2004
Dear Concerned Friends and Family Members,
Permission has been given for me to send this message and let you all know of a serious incident that has recently happened at Organ Pipe and the surrounding Tohono-O'odham Indian Reservation. Because of the increase in drug trafficking and arrests by the Shadow Wolves and the Organ Pipe Rangers, the Mexican drug cartels/mafia have been vowing to get even.  They are now putting out hits on our Federal Officers and this is causing even more extreme cautions to be put in place.  When the Rangers or Shadow Wolves have pictures taken with loads or in uniform, they now have to blacken their faces and cover their nametags in case some bad dudes get hold of this information.
The most dangerous threat has been directed specifically at Bryan Nez. Toward the end of the year, information came to the Shadow Wolves and Bryan that there was a specific hit planned on him.  Pictures of Bryan were being distributed around the restaurants, bars, and hangouts of the drug thugs.  They were spreading the information of who Bryan was, about his interviews in the Smithsonian Magazine last January, the National Geographic Adventure Magazine in Feb, and about the Reader's Digest article this past summer entitled, "Manhunters." These criminals were flashing around new assault weapons with high-powered scopes and said they could get him anytime.  They also were flinging around night vision goggles (American made) and laughed about how it could take place night or day.  They told about where he lived, his route to work everyday, and his daily work schedule.
They stated that they took care of Kris Eggle and they were going to get Bryan Nez next.  (We know these scum didn't murder Kris, but they certainly were not upset about it.  This mafia group is now taking credit for it, even if they were not the direct hitmen.) Because of these dire warnings, Bryan was advised to leave the area for a while.  He has stayed in contact with a very few of us, but has been on the move evading possible tracking of him by the Mexican mafia (the Seven Nines) who put the hit on him.  He is very restless and wants to get back to work, but right now is being advised to stay low and keep in "hiding."
This is not who Bryan Nez is.  He is a WARRIOR.  He is a FIGHTER.  He is a TRACKER OF DRUGS AND WEAPONS and the SMUGGLERS, and he wants to get back to doing his job.  He wants to help his people and country...even though many of his own countrymen don't seem to care that much about what he and the many other Officers continue to do to sacrifice for all the rest of us.  They are so courageous and brave... real heroes, even willing to give up their lives, if necessary, for you and me, for the drug dealers and users in this country, for the apathetic public who sit back and know someone else will do it, and for our elected and appointed leaders who choose to worry more about their agendas and not do much of anything about these critical life and death situations.
The Shadow Wolves and the Law Enforcement Rangers (and all other L.E. Officers) took a sacred Oath of Office.  Part of the words say, " I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic... So help me God." These words mean something to these men and women.  May God's blessings and protection be on them all as they do this thankless work for the United States of America.
Please pray that Bryan and all the Shadow Wolves will be kept from harm. Also pray that the Rangers at Organ Pipe and other Parks, Reserves, Seashores, and Forests will remain safe from the insidious evils that lie on the other side of that broken-down, barbed-wire fence. I would ask you, plead with you, to contact your Senators, your Representatives, the President, Tom Ridge, Asa Hutchinson, John Ashcroft, and any other people you think could help make a difference.  INSIST THEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE SERIOUS CRIMINAL PROBLEMS.  TELL THEM YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS PANDERING AND EXCUSE-MAKING--IT IS WAY PAST TIME FOR ACTIONS. INSIST THEY CLOSE THE BORDER and STOP THE ILLEGAL INVASION.
Thanks for you help.  Please remember this message and the importance of sending it on.  
Bonnie Eggle,
Mother of Kristopher William Eggle, the NPS Ranger who was murdered by a drug smuggler on the AZ/Mexico border
August 9, 2002
Thursday, January 22, 2004
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