Tombstone  Tumbleweed
by Gene Barbetta, CHD Volunteer
Our country was founded and built by people who saw a great need and responded. This weekend, Civil Homeland Defense (CHD) again volunteered—not for pay, not for recognition. We just feel very proud and privileged to be able to guard our border—the American border—of this once proud and great country.
Friday we set up at one of the areas where the invaders choose to cross illegally into America; west of Naco, 8/10 of a mile north of Mexico. As night fell we could see the activity on the border road, which runs east to west. The vehicles come from Naco heading west and dropping off their cargo of invaders and returning in the same direction.
Usually it takes about an hour to see the invaders coming down the trail and we are there to call them in to the Border Patrol. But this night was a bit different; different because as we approached our place to set up, we observed four or five border patrol vehicles leaving the area not to return.
Meanwhile, the area became very quiet. There is usually radio “traffic” of operations along the San Pedro—there were no lights on the river, either. The reason? One hour before sunset, we
observed a Hum-V coming from the direction of Naco—this time with a load of people in military dress. Their uniforms didn’t match—kind of a “make believe” military. Once these guys were in the area, all migrant traffic stopped. Were they in place to insure that their cargo got over the border unopposed? I think so. Their uniforms weren’t real but, rest assured, the SKS automatics they carried were! We were on alert and determined not to become a statistic. Who knows what their mission was. Why does this continue to be “business as usual” for these criminals?
We all know the answer—and it’s been too long in coming. The Border Patrol is down on that border risking their lives, under-manned and under-supplied. They’ll tell us from Washington that they are going to do something—“We got this plan to close the border!” It’s a lot of s*** and it’s really stinking up the place! These bums ought to be run out of this country—literally! Starting with Bush.
Kolbe is a lying turncoat—I called him that once in public and I will say it again! Remember the town meeting in Tombstone, Mr. Kolbe? That was me! You might be a fine and honorable husband or father or even grandfather, but you stink at your political station and you are a liability to this country! Now you’re flip-flopping on the border issue: you said in the Tombstone townhall that you didn’t care what the people wanted, when questioned about what was being done. Now you say you care?!? Leopards don’t change their spots! Stay with the Bush/Fox camp—you’re more believable. If you really want to make a difference, why not appropriate some of the foreign aid to Mexico (our money) and give the fine, honorable men and women of the Border Patrol some decent equipment and added manpower to do the job that they were entrusted. You, McCain and the others dare to call yourselves Americans? The American people are tired of your shenanigans. We need men and women of integrity and conscience. Some of you like to stand on your war record or some things of the past. Well that’s very honorable, but what have you done for us lately?
The next day, I was on Moson Road between Charleston Road and Highway 90 heading north and doing a sweep of the three known garbage-strewn human highways that come up from the San Pedro River. After checking one of the “drops”, I noticed, just inside the barbed wire fence, five individuals and called them in to Border Patrol. I turned my truck around to go back and wait for Border Patrol. The scene I encountered was pitiful. The invaders were all huddled around one of the men. The man was severely dehydrated. I immediately told them, in my very limited Spanish, to sit this person down, take off his shoes and loosen his clothing a bit. Within 30 seconds of arriving, I called back to Border Patrol and asked them to please send medical help—this man was almost dead. The EMT responded within 15 minutes, as did Border Patrol and the County Sheriff—about eight vehicles in all. These people were nothing but professional.
There were five more invaders back in the bush and they were communicating with the men who were with me, but once they heard the sirens, they just melted back into the night. Gone. I needed to stay with the ailing man, who by now was breathing very shallowly. We put a bit of water on his forehead trying to cool him down, letting him drink small amounts of water. We always carry water, but have to be very careful how we administer it. I also had two apples that I offered to the other men. They were more concerned about their friend than getting away. The running was over—now they were scared—scared for their friend’s life. While I waited for medical attention to arrive, I talked with the men and found out they were from Vera Cruz. The Coyote they had to guide them had abandoned them three days earlier just over the border west of Naco. They hadn’t eaten in three days and had very little water. They all looked pretty used up.
I asked them where they were going. They really didn’t know. Their Coyote had left them without any instructions about finishing their “journey.”
When will this stop? How many more will die? America—please—this is not progress or NAFTA or free trade—this is people dying because the presidents Fox and Bush are courting each other. The hell with offending anyone! The media is on a leash and the big dogs are on the loose. Loose to ransack and press their will and doctrine on the people! It stops when we’ve had enough. But have we?
The EMT’s arrived and went to work saving the life of this man who chose to break the law and now might become a statistic—a casualty—of Bush-it policy. Who pays the monetary cost of this invasion? We do—the taxpayers. Whose level of services suffers because we don’t have the money for our own?
The person being treated was put on the stretcher and as he was, one who had been talking with me for the last forty-five minutes, asked if he might go with him. I explained to him after asking Border Patrol the question that he wouldn’t be allowed to go along—they’ll be taking you all to Naco. The EMT’s left with their patient—paid for by your money—and soon afterwards the Border Patrol left for Naco with their cargo.
One agent said to me that he wished that Washington gave a damn about what is happening down here! Also, I’d like to add that as the Border Patrol agents walked up on the scene before them, I could see the look of frustration and empathy on their faces—they had been at these kinds of scenes before. They were tired—tired of the repetitions. When does this all end? Does it? CHD cares, too, and we will be here for however long it takes. We are tired too—of the repetition, the lies, the promises from our government. This isn’t a hard one: CLOSE THE BORDER! It’s not negotiable! Fox must take care of his own; Bush must do what his oath of office requires him to do or be impeached—that’s a new thought! Republicans are eligible for impeachment, too. Stop this madness! Bush is not King!!
God bless all of us—north and south!
Thursday,July 15, 2004
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Border 006.wmf
Gene Barbetta
CHD Volunteer, Tombstone