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The following story was not written by Chris Simcox
From an anonymous patriotic citizen
The photos above were taken at night with a thermal camera owned by a private citizen who has joined the efforts of “we the people” to assist Border Patrol with national security. The small white spots you see are human bodies; the strip along the middle of the photo is our unguarded border road near Naco, Arizona. This is the same area that deputy director of Homeland Security, Asa Hutchinson, and Mr. Nicely, the new director of the Tucson sector of Border Patrol says will be controlled to stop the out-of-control flow of people entering our country illegally.  
The onslaught was continuous on this night, from about 8 p.m. right through to the next morning and they continued to cross well into the next day. We viewed about 150+ people that evening alone. The Border Patrol was working diligently (encouraging) to apprehend groups that we “called in” but I’m sure a lot got through.
In the bottom picture you can see a “hot spot” that is visible on the horizon just to the right of center with what appears to be a flag flying on a pole. That is in fact one of the 55 gallon “water stations” placed there
for the “invaders” by the Revered Robin Hoover, head of Humane Borders. But nobody seemed interested in the water on this night. Maybe we ought to have a “turnstile” here and at least charge admission. This was only one of about five groups that came through that night of about the same size.
Interestingly enough, we were able to “hold the line” for a mile or so on the border road the next night. Our mere presence caused at least three groups who had come up to the border, to turn around and go back to Mexico. We let a few groups come through but then I got fed up with them coming across and hit one group with the beam from an 8 million candlepower spotlight. You should have seen them hightail it back to Mexico. Some of the groups waited back on the Mexico side until dawn and probably came through after we left in the morning. The “scouts” kept coming up to the fence and checking us out (they probably had night vision). Bottom line is that “deterrence” does work if you dedicate the manpower to the task. The persistence of the “scouts” coming to the line all night long tells me that they are used to getting through with impunity. The Border Patrol would drive by every hour or so and then the scouts would come back looking for their chance. The Border Patrol did not appear to have a stationary presence even though they know this is a hot spot for crossers. I could see the scouts milling about out in the bushes all night long and their “customers” waiting out in washes farther back from the border. They were obviously not used to this permanent presence.
 This is a great “demonstration” to show that citizens can, and do, make a difference without violating any laws or civil rights. There are hills all along the border road that make good vantage points for observation and deterrence. What about positioning people on strategic hills for about a 2-3 mile stretch with the idea of shutting down the traffic coming across for about a 48 hour period? People could pull “shifts” so nobody has to stay up for 48 hours or just “camp out on site”.  We would hit border crossers with spotlights as soon as they come across the fence and send them back across Mexico. Border Patrol – our country, needs your help. What will you do?
Thursday,July 15, 2004
Border 006.wmf
Border 006.wmf