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By Laine Lawless
and Chris Simcox 
BLM realty specialist Angela Mogel says the Bureau of Land Management is still in the process of obtaining conservation easements in the Palominas area to add to the land protected from development. Even though the land has not yet been obtained, BLM Rangers are already busy sealing off access and running the public out of the area using heavily armed swat teams to do the job. According to BLM official Bill Childress the area in question will soon be incorporated into the riparian conservation area. Humane Borders has already approached the government agency to request permission to erect more water stations in an effort to supply illegal aliens with water, thus aiding and abetting the influx of illegal activity in Cochise County. Under the guise of saving lives, BLM and Border Patrol have promised the so-called humane assistance
organization that they will stay away from the water station areas. Their actions equate to nothing less than creating safe passage zones for illegal immigration, drug dealers and terrorists.
   On Monday a C. E. R. T. (Civil Emergency Response Team) visiting from Kentucky entered an area frequently patrolled by both Civil Homeland Defense and Glenn Spencer’s American Border Patrol during the past 14 months.
   The group, highly trained in desert survival and rescue techniques, had a goal of spending a week legally camping in the area to clear trash, bird watch and report any illegal activity to the proper authorities and possibly provide life saving water to any illegal aliens in distress. The area of the BLM, outside of the San Pedro Riparian Conservation Area south of Hwy 92 is well known for its drug trafficking and illegal alien activity.  Civil Homeland Defense volunteers have cleaned up trash in the area and have assisted Border Patrol with locating over 1,700 people using the corridor to enter the country illegally. CHD has provided over 100 gallons of water to illegal aliens in distress, accomplishing just under 100 life saving rescues in the same area.
   The C.E.R.T. group had contacted BLM and received a packet of information outlining the rules and regulations for enjoying the once pristine area now ravaged by illegal immigration. They were told by BLM spokespersons their camping was legal. Just as they had set up camp, 3 BLM trucks pulled into their campsite, then abruptly pulled out, moving to observation points on neighboring mesas where snipers took aim at the group.
   While being watched by the BLM through their binoculars, the 7 men of C.E.R.T. watched them back through their binoculars.
  The 3 BLM Rangers, including one canine unit, came down and set up a tactical formation surrounding the members of C.E R.T.  The group observed 3 separate snipers on mesas taking aim at their members. They were then cautiously approached by BLM supervisor, G. Cook, who ordered all members of the team to put their legal side arms on the hood of a central vehicle.  The BLM Rangers seemed tense and at the ready position but had not unholstered their weapons.
  Ranger Cook asked for the team members to produce identification saying, “I need you one at a time, not a pack thing.”  The C. E. R. T. members were required to stand in a centralized observation area for approximately one hour while they were asked for hunting licenses and permits.  BLM Rangers also took individual pictures of every member of the group and ran license plate numbers through law enforcement databases. All of the members turned out to be “clean” law abiding members of our police state society.
  Dick Wolf, a member of C.E.R.T. explained their purpose for being in the area and showed Ranger Cook the packet he received from BLM in the mail.
  Cook said the packet was missing information, including boundaries and hunting season laws.  According to Ranger Cook, the entire area was San Pedro Riparian area, no camping was allowed, and he vowed that boundary signs would soon be placed on fences that have been unmarked for the prior 14 months. In fact the group was outside a fence that was marked with the one aged and fading “riparian area” sign. Officer Cook informed the group that the access roads were now closed to the public and that the one access gate would be locked with a chain preventing further access to the area. As of Wednesday morning the area has still not been marked and the gate remains unlocked.
   While C. E. R. T. was being questioned in the field, 2 large white Dodge trucks with the letters CCC passed them with a wave from the BLM Rangers.  
   The BLM ranger tried to be helpful, explaining where they could go and where they could not, and even urged, almost baiting them to go camping in the Coronado Memorial, where the educated group knew that merely possessing a firearm is a federal offense.  Mr. Wolf who is handicapped, was given a warning citation for not having permission to use his ATV, although it was his prior understanding through correspondence with the BLM that having a handicap permit on his vehicle is permission to use an ATV, due to his impaired mobility.  
  No one in the group was given a citation for camping since they hadn’t actually camped.  He asked twice about long guns, but seemed satisfied when he was told the group was waiting for hunting licenses before deploying them.  
  After the BLM Rangers left, C.E.R.T. observed a Border Patrol jeep watching them from a distance, and it accompanied them out of the area when they had broken camp and were exiting the BLM land.
  Dick Wolf is frustrated.  “We come down here and we know that they (the Federal government) are overwhelmed; we know that their hands are tied in some areas, and we just wanted to help by providing surveillance.  The problem with the border isn’t going to go away, and neither are we.”
  Prior to coming to Arizona, a journey of 1,800 miles, C.E.R.T. had spent 6 months gathering intelligence and training to perform this job.  They were prepared to give GPS coordinates, and grid coordinates to aid the Border Patrol in its mission.  They even gave the BLM a tour of their equipment and offered advice on how to improve their performance.  
  To C.E.R.T. it appears BLM had been waiting for them, and had been monitoring their activity from the night before.  There was a BLM truck parked across the road after they left the CHD headquarters building in Palominas.
 C.E.R.T. member Jim Cunningham is disappointed with the federal government:  “It has betrayed the very land that it pretends to be protecting.”
  The group has since moved to the Huachuca Mountains to camp, hike, clean up trash and report illegal aliens to Border Patrol.
  Monday night, after the group was evicted, citizens returned to the area and video taped four potential drug dealers or terrorists who entered the same area from Mexico.
  They were not apprehended by Border Patrol agents and BLM officers were not in the area.
28 to June 8, volunteers of CHD have located 162 illegal aliens who were apprehended by the proper authorities. Volunteers were gratified to assist in 9 more life-saving rescues and have shared dozens of gallons of water with dehydrated humans from Mexico and Brazil. Sunday morning volunteers found a group of 9 illegals from Brazil who were in desperate need of water. They drank 3 gallons in the 15 minutes it took Border patrol to arrive. Needless to say the group was grateful for the assistance as they thanked us repeatedly for the water. Gee, and folks call us vigilantes; I guess in Spanish that means “those who save lives”. Border Patrol agents have been nothing less than cooperative and appreciative of our assistance. We are gratified to have saved more lives and peacefully repatriated the lost souls who should be demanding assistance from their own governments rather than taking advantage of our weak officials in Washington and Phoenix.
   We have recently been joined by volunteers from Ohio and Colorado, and this week 6 American patriots from Kentucky drove 1,700 miles to help with the out-of-control invasion. The six highly trained and professional members of a civilian emergency response team (C.E.R.T.) have not had a successful mission and have left Arizona frustrated and disillusioned. Their frustration is not towards Border Patrol but from the Gestapo-like wing of federal law enforcement officials known as Bureau of Land Management Rangers – you know, the stewards of dirt, rocks and animals. The patriots came out to help our government and have returned home with the feeling the government is working against citizens and aiding and abetting the invasion.
Thursday,July 15, 2004
Border 006.wmf
Border 006.wmf
A member of the Kentucky Civil Emergency Response Team waits patiently for BLM Ranger to finishspelling out the rules of the San Pedro Riparian area. A sniper behind him carefully watches over the group who traveled to Arizona to assist with border security.
   Civil Homeland Defense spent another busy week on the border assisting homeland security with keeping up with record numbers of illegal invaders. Above Mike from Colorado watches over a group of illegals while waiting for Border Patrol. From May