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  To set the tone for this week’s thoughts I’ll start with the following excerpts from an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper -”Control of the border is a civilian responsibility. I think it would be a terrible mistake to militarize our border with Mexico or Canada,” he said. “We’re not going to do that.” 
  What double talk! Wait, I thought it was NOT the civilians’ job or duty to control the border! Remember, Border Patrol agents are Federal agents, not civilians –they are the military on the border. They are right about one thing: we do need more civilians to patrol the border. How can a government official who in one sentence says they are catching record number of illegal invaders tell us he won’t ask for help from the military? I guess it’s like a successful baseball player who gets paid millions of dollars for hitting .300 over a season (but fails at his job almost 70% of the time.) We are at war –so says our tough President Bush and he tells us we are safe when Border Patrol is batting around .300, which of course means their failure rate is .700.  Now that’s what I call National Security, at least in our dumbed-down nation which believes such an absurd notion.
The country’s border security chief said yesterday that the nation’s borders are safer now than they were a year ago and rejected the idea of using the military to patrol America’s northern and southern frontiers.
Robert C. Bonner, commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, made those and other remarks during a meeting with local Border Patrol agents and at a later news conference at Border Patrol headquarters in Chula Vista, California on Tuesday.
  And then we have this cock- and- bull story from an article in the Arizona Red Star last weekend.  “We will continue to build Arizona up until we can control the border,” he said during a visit to Tucson last week. “We’ve got an excellent shot at shutting down that border.”  And these efforts could effectively seal the Arizona-Mexico border, said Gus De La Viña, the nation’s Border Patrol chief. 
   What has this guy has been smoking – maybe some of the contraband his agents seize along our border? Wait a minute: just a few months ago he stated it would take tens of thousands of agents to seal the border; why the sudden change of heart? Oh, right, it’s an election year and the tall tales are flowing freely from the mouths of the bought- and- paid for talking heads who will lie for our President who is selling us out in more ways than one.
   Well, I do have to say that the Border Patrol agents in the area that CHD patrols have been doing a much better job. Last weekend we found only three groups that managed to elude agents in the one- mile sector that we usually patrol. I must give credit where credit is due. Last year at this time we were finding over a hundred illegals a weekend in this same area. Now, a year later, agents seem to recognize that the area needs to be heavily patrolled, which is what we asked for –better enforcement. These guys are doing a great job. In the past week agents from the Naco headquarters apprehended just under 2,000 people between Naco and the Coronado National Memorial. Not bad. Unfortunately we have the political double speak from the head honchos who want you to think they can shut down the border with BORTAC units and an extra 200 grunts on the ground in the Tucson sector. What a joke – they still admit that they are catching only about a third of the illegal entrants through our area of Cochise County, which is better than the quarter they caught last year. Wow, I guess we can all sleep well at night knowing they are catching a record number of poor migrant workers coming here for amnesty. We know of at least three large groups that made it as far as mile marker 3 on Charleston Road just outside of Sierra Vista and were picked up and transported north. By the way, for the citizens who are looking for a way to help, you can set up a stake-out at the Church’s Chicken restaurant in Sierra Vista.                  Most of the food containers we find left behind by groups in the area come from that restaurant. Somebody who works there or someone who shops there, buys large quantities of chicken meals late in the evening and then drops off the food at mile marker 3. Keep your eyes open and report suspicious activity to the proper authorities –and then hope they will do something about it.
Thursday, March 11, 2004
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