Volunteers joining Civil Homeland Defense patrols continue to grow by the week. Five new volunteers have been out in the last week and two more will join their first patrols this weekend.
Since the running gun battle on the I-10 between smugglers a few weeks ago, it has been like someone turned on switch with the media. Last weekend we entertained film crews from Germany, Speigal and ARD, a Dutch news crew, a French television crew, an Australian television crew, a documentary crew from New York, The New York Times, The London Mirror Newspaper and on Sunday we educated a crew from CNN filming a segment for the Aaron Brown news show. Whew! What a week of interviews. And the tide has turned - no longer are they here looking for “vigilantes” (because of course there are none) they are hear to report about the ruthless smugglers, the environmental damage and CNN will cover our water supply being in jeopardy.
Saturday night proved to be interesting. Nine volunteers set up on a well known heavily traveled network of trails - the same ones we typically patrol. Within thirty minutes we spotted a group of 15 illegals breaking in to our country and called in the group to Border Patrol. The group entered our perimeter and we lit them up with spotlights - of course the coyote ran, along with 4 other brave young men from Mexico who ran like sissy cowards. We followed them for awhile calling for them to come back to the group of women and one child they left behind. To no avail, they were gone into the night never to return. Law breaking cowards that they are.
That left one young teen a child and five women who voluntarily sat on the ground. We offered them water and asked if they needed first aid as we always do. Among the group was a young woman in her early twenties who was obviously very pregnant - almost six months along as it turned out. She was not feeling well so we offered her a chair, gave her water and a volunteer took her pulse and generally looked her over to make sure she was not in need of immediate medical attention. We called Border Patrol back and informed them about the pregnant woman and asked them to hurry in case she needed to see a doctor. None of the group had jackets and it was cold - they obviously had a smuggler waiting nearby in Palominas to transport them to their next destination.
Through an interpreter we learned she had no father for her baby, she had no family to support her and because she was a highland Mayan Indian her government would not provide her with assistance. She told us she traveled to the border, joined up with a group of complete strangers and decided to cross the border illegally to have her baby in the United States.
Border Patrol arrived and boy were they on a mission - a mission to arrest Chris Simcox specifically. The agent was loud, aggressive and harassed every CHD volunteer, asking them what their jobs were, if they had permits for their weapons (the misguided and uninformed young man didn’t even know that in Arizona you don’t have to have a permit to carry a weapon for self-defense.
He came on particularly hard with a female volunteer because her jacket was partially covering her holstered pistol.” You uncover that weapon right now or I'm going to arrest you on the spot!” he bellowed.
Chris Simcox had left the scene to return to the trail far away from the group sitting, waiting for another group to enter the area. The agent could find nothing wrong with anything any of the volunteers were doing - everything was by the book and lawful. He was terribly disappointed because his orders were to bring all of us or specifically Simcox, back in handcuffs.
He demanded that I return to the scene so he could ask me questions. The message was relayed to me by radio, so I packed up my gear and strolled back down the trail to the group.
“Oh Mr. Simcox, how are you tonight?” he said. “Could I talk to you for a moment he said politely. He walked me 20 feet away from the rest of the group and then began harassing me. “Do you have a weapon on you tonight?” he asked. “No”, I said. “No!” he exclaimed ( I could tell he was terribly disappointed by this news for what he thought was the truth was actually fiction). “Well good, because we know you lost your right to carry a weapon because you were convicted of a federal firearms violation, right?” he said.
“No, actually I have never been convicted of anything and in this country you are innocent until proven guilty - right?” I said.
“Well, I’m going to interview this group and if they make one complaint about you I’m going to arrest you,” he exclaimed.
He interviewed the group - none of them complained about a thing, in fact the pregnant woman told him we were kind and had helped her.
He did not find what he was looking for - someone in the group - a law abiding civilized citizen of the United States breaking a rule, any rule - I think he would have arrested me for littering or even jay-walking - if I were.
Then he turned helpful and almost apologetic. Listen, I don’t want to have to be this way, but if I don’t bring you in tonight tonight I’m going to catch heat, man we all are,” he said. Somebody in high places wants you out of the way - and bad,” he said.
“You guys be careful and tighten up the things I found wrong tonight and we can’t bother you” I asked him if he found anything wrong with what we were doing. “No,”  he said nothing, but now I’m suppose to call the F.B.I. to come out here and interview everybody - the illegals and your group.
“But I’ll tell you what ,” he said. At that point I reminded him about my civil rights and a little detail know as title 13 -”You wouldn’t want to make a false arrest of a law abiding citizen would you,” I asked.
“Look, he said, how long are you going to be out here tonight we're expecting a big push of illegals through this area tonight. we have horse patrols coming in. we thank you for your help, but if you are packed up and out of here in 15 minutes I won’t call this in and we’ll call it even,” he said. Sounds good to me - thanks for your help.
He then warned us that Washington has put tremendous pressure on B.P. supervisors to arrest me and any members of A.B.P. or Ranch Rescue. “They want you guys out of the way at any cost,” he said. He then shook my hand, thanked us for following the rules, stuck his tail between his legs and returned to the job he was hired to do -stop illegal entry into the United States. I thought they worked for us - not against us. To be continued - I’m sure.
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