Citizens Across America and the L.A. Times-
  The L.A. Times is finally admitting what I and others have been brave enough to say for some time: Once great L.A. County is a mini Third World. Actually, the Times doesn’t go quite that far, but it comes very close. 
 In an article, columnist Steve Lopez quotes an L.A. researcher who says: “We may be headed toward a Third World economic model.”
 Here’s a news bulletin for the researcher and the Times: With the exception of a few pockets where the rich live, L.A. County is Third World. For most of you, that will not come as a surprise. But I bring it to your attention because the socialist L.A. Times is actually printing this information. That to me is significant.
 Lopez also writes: “Actually, none of the Weingart findings about our haves and have-nots are shocking, given the decline of aerospace and defense contracting in L.A. County and the huge numbers of immigrants earning minimum wages.”
 Yes, Lopez and the Times admit that immigrants are turning L.A. County (10 million people, by the way) into a massive Third World sprawl. Of course, Lopez is really referring to the hordes of illegal aliens that have invaded California, but the establishment news media won’t use that correct description and now rarely uses the word illegal. Now they’re just immigrants. Pandering politicians are doing the same thing, and they should be thrown out of office, Democrats and Republicans.  
 Lopez also points out that the manufacturing jobs are mostly gone from L.A. County, as well as in much of the rest of America. He writes: “What kind of jobs are left? Mopping up a spill on Aisle 6, that’s what kind.” Lopez is a clever writer, but what’s happening to L.A. is not cute or funny, and the sad thing is it’s happening across America. Wake up, America, before it’s too late. We must permanently end illegal immigration, crack down on employers who hire illegals, end social welfare benefits to illegals, and put a moratorium on legal immigration so we can fix this mess — now! And I’m sorry if anyone doesn’t like what I have to say. Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty.
Dan Sheehy
L.A. County
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