“If the people have not vision, they shall surely
CHD Patrol News - Volunteers joining Civil Homeland Defense patrols continue to grow by the week. Five new volunteers have been out in the last week and two more will join their first patrols this weekend. Since the running gun battle on the I-10 between smugglers a few weeks ago, it has been like someone turned on switch with the media. . .
Chris’ Corner - Have you heard about Operation Trans Guard? If you live in Tombstone or travel to Tucson on the I-10 it would be difficult to miss them. Tuesday morning agents were even walking the streets in Tombstone. Why were they walking streets in Tombstone? We don’t have a problem with illegals running up and down Allen Street, do we?
Fair Legislative Update - 63 Members Sign Hayworth Letter Urging President Bush to Uphold Immigration Laws
Citizens Across America - The L.A. Times is finally admitting what I and others have been brave enough to say for some time: Once great L.A. County is a mini Third World. Actually, the Times doesn’t go quite that far, but it comes very close. . .
Team 7 Investigation - SEATTLE — Terrorists are using Canada as a launching pad to illegally enter America, an exclusive KIRO Team 7 Investigation uncovers. Not only are terrorist recruitments going on in British Columbia, but holes in border security between there and western Washington are an open gate, letting terrorists walk right in.