Civil Homeland Defense: Mission

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Mission of the Civil Homeland Defense Corps

The Mission of the Civil Homeland Defense Corps, headquartered in Palominas, Arizona, is to report suspicious illegal activities to proper authorities and deter, by legal means, illegal aliens, drug traffickers and terrorists from entering the United States by physical presence along the immediate U.S. Mexican border. Citizen groups along the Canadian border and coastal areas are encouraged to operate with the same level of vigilance.


The Civil Homeland Defense Corps Area of Operations is the American border territory immediately adjacent to the U.S. border fence with Mexico and within Cochise County, Arizona. Volunteers have created a model that can be used by any group of concerned responsible citizens anywhere in the United States. All practical attempts will be made to operate within the immediate 60' wide strip next to the border fence. Any operations further distant from said 60' strip will be done only as terrain, safety and common sense dictate.

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