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On April 17th, 2004, the following illegal immigrants were encountered by Civil Homeland Defense.

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On April 3rd, CHD saved the lives of the following illegals, who were found on the brink of hypothermia in a lay-up spot.  These eight young men from Pueblo, Mexico had been traveling five days to break into the United States.  They were cold, hungry, and ready to return home after being robbed and abandoned by their coyote who took their money and split the scene just after they crossed the border. To date, CHD has saved 111 lives.  

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These fifteen illegals were found by CHD on April 2nd, 2004.

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Part of group of over 30 people who just entered the country illegally patiently wait for their turn to be interviewed by Univision.  Initially they thought they had just won the lottery after finding the news crew waiting for them on a remote dirt trail near the San Pedro River.  The group decided to take their chances with Border Patrol.  They were apprehended a little over an hour later after volunteers of CHD provided information to Border Patrol that helped the proper authorities locate the group.

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