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On Memorial Day, Civil Homeland Defense documented 150 illegal immigrants crossing the border, and assisted Border Patrol in apprehending 45.  These illegals were attempting to cross before the Border Control Initiative took effect, which should have guaranteed that they would not be able to cross the border.


Below are photos of CHD patrols from the week of May 27th.  On the left a few would-be crossers scamper away from the fence, still on the Mexico side; they were deterred from crossing by a volunteer of CHD.  The photo on the right was taken through a thermal camera, much like the ones used by Border Patrol.  The two men were part of a larger group of suspected drug dealers or Madrinas who were attempting to bring some sort of contraband across the border near Palominas.  Both were carrying rifles.  Friday night volunteers assisted Border Patrol with two separate groups of illegal invaders.  The first group of 6 were successfully apprehended by agents - CHD volunteers only spotted and reported.  CHD encountered another group of 9 who decided to run.  We located 2; the rest fled back to Mexico.

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Robin Hoover and Humane Borders are at it again, this time in Cochise County.  The group has set up these two water stations, only a few hundred yards north of the border line near Naco.  Why?  To make sure illegal invaders have plenty of water while on their way north to a city near you.  Now I'm all for saving lives, but this water station doesn't make any sense.  Shouldn't the stations be in Mexico to insure the Mexican nationals and other invaders from around the world are protected from the unscrupulous bandits who charge their own people up to $5 a gallon for water before crossing the border?  Perhaps some good hearted Americans could provide protection around this water station located just eastof the Naco port of entry.  

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Another group of potential terrorists caught just a few hundred yards from the Buena Vista High School on May 14th, 2004.

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Parents of children who attend Buena High School should be asking for federal officials to post guards at the school during the day.  These ten young, well dressed men were found sleeping in the bushes only a few hundred yards from the school parking lot Monday morning.  CHD volunteers found 31 more people who slipped through Homeland Security's line of defense.  

Border Patrol has made sure no one gets through the area we typically patrol on the border, so we have moved operations inland to search out new lay-up spots.  It took Border Patrol, aka Homeland Security an hour to arrive to do their job and arrest these men.  And we have a new weapon of deterrence - since we can't use guns, we held up a photo of Assistant Federal Attorney Julia Maldinado Soto - the men cowered in fear, a few began to weep, and none of them ran away from CHD volunteers.  Now why didn't we think of that before?  I just hope such treatment is not classified as human rights abuse and culturally offensive under the rules of the Geneva Convention.  

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Below are photos of illegals encountered by CHD on May 3rd, 2004.  

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